Monday, 8 July 2013

New website and blog!

Merry Meet Witchlings,
I started a new blog and website because I was kinds unsatisfied with blog spot. Anyways I created one and its up and running and I just wanted to invite you guys to it. Check me out at!

Blessed Be!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Creating My Wiccan Path, Choosing My God and Goddess, and Wiccan Name.

Merry Meet Witchlings,

There has been so much going on my life, magickal wise, lately!!! I must say I am excited about it all! First off I am in the process of creating my own path. This is proving to be fun and challenging. Yet, it helps me to find where I want to be in this beautiful religion of ours! With that being said, here’s what I been up to! I am working on creating my own Wiccan Path that is heavy in Green and Kitchen witch practices. I call it “The Path of the Green Kitchen Witch” I wouldn't go into much detail because this is my personal path and I do not intend on making it a tradition with initiation and so forth, but I would say it is absolutely joyous to be creating my own path! I will post another post on the resources I used to create my own path on a later date (maybe even tomorrow).

I have also chosen my God and Goddess! This is super exciting for me as I have always loved the Idea of having a Goddess but was never pressed on having a God. No God to up to the point of last night spoke to me and made me feel that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. However, it happened last night! My Goddess is Freya (A.K.A. Freyja) and my God is Freya’s twin brother, Freyr! They speak to my heart and give me such and uplifting feeling when I am reading about them!

Freya is the Norse Goddess of Love, Beauty, Magick, Sex, Fertility, Wisdom, and War.

I think what draws me to her is that she has a soft and loving side, yet she can also be a destroyer if need be. I can relate to this somewhat because I am very kind and loving but can get really “nasty” when it comes to defending myself and my family.

Freyr is the Norse God of Fertility, Harvest, Sun, Rain, Peace, and Success/Prosperity.

I am drawn to him because the uplifting feeling I get when learning about him (as mentioned above). His gifts are also necessary for life on this earth!  
As I was reading about choosing the right god and goddess for my green witch path, I came across the name of Freya and Freyr and my reaction was “YESSSSS!” when I read what they were about. I jumped out of bed and headed to my laptop. Can someone say, RESEARCH TIME!! After that I was up for about 2 hours researching Them, learning about Them, and deciding if they were right for me, guess what? They are (I am going to do much more extensive research). I am thrilled to have found a Goddess but even more thrilled to find a God!

Finding my Lord and Lady also got me into reading about Norse traditions and customs which lead me to learning about Asatru. Asatru is the religion of worshiping the Old Norse gods. This lead me to learning about The Nine Nobel Virtues that are the moral code of Asatruar (people who practice Asatru), they are courage, truth, honor, loyalty, hospitality, industriousness, perseverance, self-discipline, and self-reliance. I thought what better way to honor my Norse God and Goddess than to adopt these moral codes into my practice and try my best to live by them.

Lastly, because this has become a lengthy post, I have had a magickal name change, so no more Yemaya Dreamcaster.  My new Wiccan name is WaterLily Pixie (Yes, I purposely capitalized the “L””. This name suits my Green Kitchen Witch practice and I recently found out that it adds up to the same number of my birth name, 5. That’s probably why I loved it so much when I created it!

Blessed Be Witchlings,
WaterLily Pixie )0(

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Its been a while!

Merry Meet Hunny Bunnies,

I know it’s been a while!!!! I miss writing my posts! I just have been soo busy with a competition that I am in. The finals are tomorrow and I am nervous and idk how to deal with it quite yet. I also did a tarot reading to try to see if whether or not I should worry and that didn’t help much! LOL! But anyways I am trying to get back! Right now I am half way thru the book “The Circle Within” I must say I really like this book! It’s easy to keep up with, and it offers info on how to build your spiritual practice not how to cast the perfect spell!

I am right now working on re-building my spiritual practice so this book along with “Where to Park Your Broomstick” is awesome in helping me to do it!

Oh I hope you guys enjoyed Beltane yesterday! I didn’t do any rituals or anything because like I said I am re-building my spiritual practice so I am kinda holding out on doing magick but I did prayed!

What did you do on Beltane???

Well witchlings I am off to see the wizard, lol, just kidding. I am off to finish read my book! I will talk to you beautiful people soon!

Blessed Be!                        

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Best ways to dispose of herbs after you have finished with them.

Merry Meet Witchlings,

Herbs are used for a variety of reasons in magick, from tea bags, sachets, spells, and oils. But what exactly do you do with the herbs after you have made your tea, or finished with your sachet, or your oil has been infused? I have two great options that are easy and show your appreciation to the Earth for her lovely gifts. 

1. Bury them, in a pot where you have plants growing, in your garden, or just in the back yard.
2. Place them in water, a river, the sea, or a stream. Make sure it is where the water is constantly flowing.

Blessed Be,                                                  
Yemaya Dreamcaster A.K.A. Daughter of the Goddess.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I’m working on my meditation techniques, Come Join Me!

Merry Meet My witchy darlings,

So as most of you know being able to meditate and visualize your goals is two of the most important skills a practicing Wiccan can have. 

So with that being said today we are going to begin learning how to meditate. The first thing I did is download meditation music and created a playlist on my phone. You can do this on your mp3, i-pod, tablet or whatever you listen to music from. The playlist is helpful because it keeps me from being interrupted by my R&B music and helps to block out the noise of my family around me since I don’t live alone. I recommend any meditation sounds by Anjey Satori! I love his sounds especially Forest, Sea, and Night Surround. You may choose any of the others he have or do your own research find out what you love and go with what makes you comfortable!

Next you may follow a meditation technique you read in a book or one you found online, it’s your choice. For this example we are going to use the basic meditation technique in Witch Crafting by Phyllis Curott.

“The actual meditation need not take more than five minutes when you first practice it. As you become more able to relax and focus, work on gradually increasing your time. A half an hour is ideal. If possible find a secluded spot outdoors, or at least where you can see and hear nature. If you are indoors, turn off your phone ringers and lower the sound {of all your electronics, also ask your family if they don’t mind giving you at least ten minutes to yourself.  For those of you who are still in the broom closet this may be difficult as you don’t want to be ridiculed for your practices, so I recommend do this late at night after everyone else has gone to bed or early in the morning before everyone has woken up.}

Sit comfortably. Next, relax your muscles-begin by tightening the muscles of your face, then releasing them. Continue to tighten and release your muscles, as you gradually work down the length of your body to your toes. Exhale. Take a deep breath slowly, breathing in through your nose, and hold it for a count of three. Exhale slowly through your mouth. Take another breath through your nose Repeat one more time, and then continue to breathe deeply, slowly, and fully throughout this meditation, inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the mouth.

Feel yourself growing quiet, centered, and peaceful. Thoughts may enter your mind. Let them float by, like a cup floating in the ocean. Don’t be distracted by them—just concentrate on your breathing, on how it feels as the divine energy of life enters and moves through you. And as you exhale, release the tension of the day. As you inhale, feel the tranquility flowing through you.
Continue breathing, deeply and fully, allowing thoughts to float by. If your mind starts to wander, bring it back by concentrating on your breathing. Feel your inner stillness, your peacefulness. As you sit, focusing only on your breathing, you may also begin to experience a wonderful sense of freedom and joyfulness. Allow these feelings to rise and flow through you.

When you are ready, open your eyes. Sit quietly for a moment, observing your surroundings. Stretch and enjoy your energized and calm state.

Write about your experience in your magickal journal.”

Congratulations you have completed your first meditation!

Blessed Be,
Yemaya Dreamcaster A.K.A. Daughter of the Goddess

My Daily Prayer

Merry Meet My Witchy Darlings,

This is a daily prayer I created myself you can say this every morning before you start your day by a candle light, or before or after your morning meditation.
Dear Gracious Goddess
                                             Dear Gracious God      
I thank you for blessing me with another day
Please guide and protect me along the way
Help me to see the beauty in those around me
This is my wish so mote it be. 

Blessed Be,
Yemaya Dreamcaster A.K.A. Daughter of the Goddess

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Summer is here!

Now that I am free from school and classes I am taking the time to get back into my practice heavily. I know you may be asking yourself “Why were you not in it heavily while school was in session?” Well the reason for that was the fact that I am a Chemistry and Business Management Major and they both, although Chemistry more than Business, demand a lot of my time and although I may be able to pray and do personal practice I am unable to keep my blog up to date like I am always promising so from now on NO MORE PROMISES! 

To start my 3 month summer break I am reading the books Witch Crafting by Phyllis Curott and True Magick by Amber K. I am multi-tasking with these two books because the information in them combines well for me. I personally love both of these books. 

Also what I am aiming to accomplish in my 3 month time frame is creating my B.O.S. in a way I would love. As you can see in my last post it has been and still is really hard for me to choose a B.O.S. method but I am working on it suggestions still welcomed, also if you would like me to share your suggestions with other viewers be sure to state that in your email! 

Also I would love for you guys to email me topics you would love for me to address also any comments, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, and suggestions. HMU at

Blessed Be,
Yemaya Dreamcaster A.K.A. Daughter of the Goddess